Siberian Federal University: The Uzbek Union of Students appears at SibFU

A new student association has appeared at Siberian Federal University — Navoi Union of Students. This Uzbek union brings together foreign students from Uzbekistan and helps them adapt to life and study in Russia.

The Union will deal with such tasks as:

attracting foreign applicants from Uzbekistan;
adaptation of freshmen, their immersion in the educational process, explaining regulatory documents to them;
excursions, cultural and sports events;
strengthening friendship between peoples, developing intercultural dialogue and cooperation.
Amirbek Alimov, student of the Law School of Siberian Federal University, became the head of the new youth association.

“Today, more than 40 students from Uzbekistan study at SibFU. Almost every nation has its own association, but the Uzbek youth did not have one, so the emergence of this union is natural. We decided to name our association in honour of the outstanding poet, philosopher, public, statesman, one of the founders of the ancient Uzbek language and classical literature, Alisher Navoi,” noted Amirbek. “Now we have established contact with the House of Friendship of Krasnoyarsk Territory and with other autonomies of Siberian Federal University. The union activists will take part in a youth forum of Uzbekistan and Russia. And in January, I will go to Tashkent to hold an event for schoolchildren.”

“The initiative to create the Union came from the students, and we do our best to support them. For a long time, the Uzbeks did not have their own student association, and the number of students from Uzbekistan, though slowly, but still is growing. We hope that Navoi Union will facilitate the influx of students and their comfortable stay and study,” said Anna Mezit, head of the Department for International Cooperation of SibFU.