Siberian Federal University: Two name auditoriums opened at SibFU to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Faculty of Economics

In 2021, the Faculty of Economics of Siberian Federal University celebrates its 40th anniversary. In honour of this event, on November 26, the University held the grand opening of two name auditoriums: the auditorium of Vladimir Medvedev, professor, head of the department of political economics at Krasnoyarsk State University, and the auditorium of Valery Zubov, professor, first dean of the faculty of Economics of Krasnoyarsk State University.

The event was attended by associates of Medvedev and Zubov, partners of the School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration: Sberbank, Central Bank, Krastsvetmet, RUSAL, Treasury, Department of the Federal Antimonopoly Service, and the Regional Audit Chamber.

“We begin our history with the Faculty of Economics at Krasnoyarsk State University, and virtually unaltered, we became a part of Siberian Federal University and this year we celebrate 40 years,” noted Evgenia Bukharova, director of the School of Economics, Finance and Public Administration of Siberian Federal University. “Within the framework of the celebrations initiated by graduates of different years, two large auditoriums were made: they developed design, selected information materials and installed interactive boards. This is open information for students about the heroes and thinkers in our area — Vladimir Medvedev and Valery Zubov, whose textbooks are a source for many people, and whose works are in great demand.”

“I am a 1999 graduate. We keep in touch with my groupmates and lecturers. About six months ago, we met for the first time to discuss the idea of making 2 name auditoriums which would be the main ones for the Faculty of Economics. The auditoriums turned out to be bright, warm, there is no pressure on the educational process, the main milestones in the development of the economic school in Krasnoyarsk are reflected. And this is very cool because the guys who come here have the opportunity to get involved in history and see how it all began,” said Mikhail Kotyukov, a graduate of Siberian Federal University, Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation.

“These are my home classrooms. The people in whose honour they are open were then very close to the students. Now, looking at these faces, you rethink what was then and is now. You understand that it is not for nothing that the university is the guardian of traditions. These people embody traditions; they are bearers of moral values and examples of serving civic duty. For those who will study here, this is already history, but they can compare themselves with them,” added Aleksey Medvedev, a 1993 graduate, Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

The festive program in honour of the anniversary ended with a solemn event on the stage of the Congress Hall, where Evgenia Bukharova received a government award for Contribution to the Implementation of State Policy in the Field of Education.

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