Siberian Federal University: Two pharmacies have opened on the SibFU campus

On 9 March 2022, two pharmacies were opened on the campus of Siberian Federal University with the assistance of the Federal Siberian Research and Clinical Centre of the FMBA of Russia.

The need to open pharmacies on campus is long overdue. Until today, the nearest one was several bus stops away. Now the pharmacies are located in dormitory 25 (76Ж, Pr. Svobodny) and at the Medical Centre (block 13, 82 Pr. Svobodny).

“This is a long-expected event. For two years, during student press conferences, guys regularly asked me a question about why there is no pharmacy on campus. Now there are two of them, and here you can buy all the necessary medicines. The solution seems simple to implement, but the issues related to the lease required settlement with our founder — the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia, and the opening of the business was complicated by the pandemic,” said Maksim Rumiantsev, rector of SibFU. “I would like to add that last year the SibFU campus passed FISU certification, which means recognition of our activities in promoting the values of sports and a healthy lifestyle among students. The location of a pharmacy, the most important service of social infrastructure, is the continuation of consistent work in this area.”

The location of pharmacies near the Medical Centre is also convenient because patients will not need to go to other pharmacies in the city for medicines prescribed by the doctor. Currently, pharmacy points have more than 3.5 thousand medicines and consumables. The assortment will subsequently be tuned to the actual needs of students and staff.

“The university administration, at the request of the students, made a proposal to open pharmacies on the campus. We have been reaching this for a long time. The two pharmacies comply with all licensing requirements and will provide a range of products that are in demand among student contingent, taking into account the morbidity features. This is how we ensure the availability of medical and social care,” said Alexander Fetisov, chief medical officer of the Medical Centre of the FMBA of Russia.

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