Siberian Federal University: Unique Green Books as a Gift from Nornickel to SibFU

Norilsk Nickel, the leader of the mining and metallurgical industry in Russia, provided SibFU with funding for the purchase of 50 relevant scientific books from the world’s leading publishers — a collection Sustainability: Green Design.

The e-collection includes books on ecology, sustainable development, climate change, decarbonization, and urbanization. All books will be available to readers on EbscoHost platform along with other collections. The publications are available both within the Library and through remote access.

“Each of the books is fascinating, but the whole collection is an invaluable fount of knowledge on one of the most relevant branches of scientific knowledge for mankind,” said Ruslan Baryshev, vice-rector for research. “The books will be of interest to the widest range of readers. And since we have launched Yenisey Siberia research and educational centre, the collection will be especially useful for the university researchers.”

Ruslan Baryshev noted that the book collection provided by Nornickel and accepted by SibFU library can become the cornerstone for the establishment of a special book fund of Siberian Federal University and the development of an intellectual platform at the federal level.

According to director of Krasnoyarsk branch of Nornickel Aleksey Diachenko, “Nornickel and Siberian Federal University have been developing partnership in various areas for many years. I’m talking about not only joint training of students but also the projects of cultural, historical and scientific significance. We hope that the next stage of this cooperation and our contribution to SibFU library collection will benefit to the scientific community.”

“To me, the fact that one of the largest industrial companies of today concerns about accumulating and preserving knowledge is precious. I hope that such collection can raise a new generation with green thinking and the desire to build a future where technological progress, humanity, and nature develop in harmony,” said Ivan Rudov, director of SibFU Library.

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