SIFF Young Artiste brings international standard art courses in a bid to nurture a skill-based performance arts ecosystem in India


Bangalore : SIFF Young Artiste, an online academy for learning Music & Dance across genres, has recently found many takers for its virtual courses. Young Artiste offers online courses in music and dance with a quality focused SIFF Comprehensive Curriculum, enabling students to become practicing artists. Now, students across India are trained via online live classes, supported by Guided Practice Sessions, creative assignments, group learning, and performance & collaboration opportunities in a multi-year curriculum.

Having filled all the batches in Keyboard within a couple of months since launch and other courses like Kathak filling fast, Young Artiste is all geared to launch more categories in the coming days. While the batches in departments of Indian Vocal, Kathak & Keys have already commenced, more batches are being added and applications are open for departments including Carnatic Vocal, Hindustani Vocal, Western Vocal, and Bollywood Dance as well. Interested candidates can go online and register at

The uniqueness of the teaching method is the special focus on foundational knowledge at the beginner level, skill refinement in intermediate and creative projects with practical application in advanced levels. The courses provide a comfortable platform for beginners in the arts looking to start their artistic journey, for intermediate learners striving to expand their repertoire, and advanced students looking to supplement their regular classes.

“The beauty of the curriculum is that it creates a learning ecosystem that will cater to all kinds of learners – across skill levels and age groups. We are currently focusing on the categories we have launched, and we have plans to expand into more areas of Music and Dance particularly now. We know that students are eagerly waiting for courses in Hindustani and Carnatic Vocals, and that’s what we have in store for the upcoming Departments, along with Western Vocals and Bollywood Dance.”, says Kavita Iyer, Co-Founder of Young Artiste.

Young Artiste courses are being vastly appreciated by parents, as their children’s progress in an art form is clear and consistent with the curriculum.

“If kids start early in this system, they would have already learnt most of the art form by the time they are old enough to decide how to take it further. The favorable position helps in making an efficient decision, thus. Their foundation is also very strong since learning at a young age is super-effective”, says Uma, Head of Technology and Operations.

Young Artiste curriculum is created by an artistic team of educators, technologists, musicians, dancers, art enthusiasts, and entrepreneurs. Eminent advisors and mentors are involved in the formation of this institution and have created a curriculum that is relevant to today’s needs. The panel consists of Veteran Artists such as Madhavi Mudgal, Nikhitha Gandhi, Keba Jeremiah, Dr. N Rajam (the erstwhile HoD and Dean at the Banaras Hindu University) Dr. Rudrapatnam Thyagarajan (Professor of Carnatic Vocals at Jain University), and Uday Bhawalkar (Guru at ITC’s Sangeet Research Academy). The SIFF Comprehensive Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Accreditation are developed with their expertise, guidance, and mentorship.

With a 5–8-year roadmap, live classes are supplemented by specially designed and curated videos, guided practice walkthroughs, and other resources that enrich the learning experience. Milestones and hands-on assessments make it fun to track progress. Their methodology seems to be working magic as it is highly beneficial to kids and adults trying to pursue an artform from scratch and completing it in a few years.

Young Artiste initiated the courses in a step to address the shortcomings that learners of today’s generation face. While learning on an online platform like this, students save precious time, especially in a highly competitive environment. They do away with the tough task of finding teachers, commuting long hours to attend classes. Since the curriculum ensures continuity of education, students no longer must worry about their learning coming to halt if a teacher is no longer available. An abundance of practical, real-time exposure and being up to date with the new trends of the art form make this format favorable and effective. Many students pursue more than one art form due to these advantages.

With the right combination of practical and theoretical knowledge, students also get exposure to industry experts through workshops, masterclasses, and performances at Young Artiste. The curriculum is supported by interactive technology that is user-friendly and intuitive to operate. One aspect of the curriculum that makes it very intuitive for students is the structure and clear progression that it brings into the learning journey.