Simplilearn launches digital brand campaign along with the creative agency Bluebot

Mumbai : Simplilearn, the world’s #1 online Bootcamp for digital economy skills today, announced the launch of its brand campaign, Ambition #CannotBeLockedDown. The campaign celebrates the inspirational spirit of individuals around the world who’ve steadfastly pursued their ambitions even during the current global pandemic. This digital-first campaign will be launched across multiple digital platforms, print and television.

The theme of the campaign focuses on how ambition and determination can enable individuals to rise to their fullest potential despite the challenges they face and grow beyond the restraints of the current time. With the world struggling to move ahead due to the uncertainties and distraught caused by the pandemic, many people feel anxious, and stuck in their lives. This campaign encourages all of us to seize the moment for personal advancement, and to find joy in a time of worry and uncertainty. One of the versions of the campaign features an NRI in America, highlighting how this is a shared experience for Indians at home, and abroad. The campaign by Simplilearn has been conceptualized and executed in partnership with the creative agency Bluebot.

Speaking about the campaign, Mark Moran, Chief Marketing Officer, Simplilearn, said, “As a leading online Bootcamp, we are happy to launch this campaign to inspire all of us not to give up hope and to dance ahead towards success. We look forward to encouraging professionals everywhere to continue growing their skills, with the message that Ambition #CannotBeLockedDown.”

As part of the campaign, the company launched three ad films highlighting the success stories of aspirants who completed a Simplilearn certification program during the pandemic. The films portray the stories of three individuals from Seattle, Chennai, and Mumbai, respectively. Despite being stuck in their homes, they manage to successfully complete Simplilearn’s Bootcamp certifications to achieve immediate career success in the form of salary hikes or the job of their dreams. Shot in a home-work setup that is commonplace today, the ads bring out the joy each of them feels on realizing their ambition, with a peppy background score created by Mumbai-based music composer and producer Michael McCleary.

Commenting on the Simplilearn campaign, Carl Savio, Chief Creative Officer and founder, Bluebot Digital,said, “If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that the power of the human spirit is indomitable. Millions of professionals displayed courage and used this year and the last one wisely to prepare for a brighter tomorrow with Simplilearn’s world-leading courses. This campaign is a testament to them and the brand.”