Simplilearn Launches Latest Brand Campaign #JobGuaranteed

Simplilearn launches new integrated brand campaign along with the creative agency Bluebot The campaign highlights the tangible benefit of a guaranteed job with Simplilearn’s job guarantee programs, through fun ad films based on the culture of asking for a treat when one secures a new job or accomplishes something at work


Bengaluru : Simplilearn, the world’s largest digital-skills bootcamp, today announced the launch of its latest brand campaign, #JobGuaranteed. The campaign focuses on Simplilearn’s ‘Job Guarantee’ Programs that assure a job upon course completion. The job guarantee offering focused in this campaign provides tangible and strong reasons for aspirants to select Simplilearn to help them reach one’s ambitions & career goals.

Breaking through the clutter in the crowded and highly competitive space, the campaign educates learners on the unique offering of Simplilearn’s Job Guarantee Program. The two programs launched thus far in Data Science and Full Stack Development include a 100% job guarantee (*conditions apply) within 180 days of completing them. This, along with the money-back (*conditions apply) provision, make the Simplilearn Job Guarantee Programs ideal for anyone looking for an assured start to their career in these high-growth professional domains. This integrated campaign will be launched across multiple digital platforms, and print media.

Culturally, Indians look for reasons, big or small, to celebrate or ask for a treat. The campaign is based on this very concept of friends and family members asking for a treat when one bags a new job. The ad films highlight the effectiveness of Simplilearn’s skilling programs, which create a job-ready workforce, and the Job Guarantee initiative. As part of the ad film the protagonist is asked for a treat by his peers, right after he enrolls in a Simplilearn program, indicating that he is guaranteed to land a new job after he completes the program.

Speaking about the campaign, Mark Moran, Chief Marketing Officer, Simplilearn, said, “As a leading online Bootcamp, we are excited to launch this campaign bringing job guarantee as a core offering to aspirants, coupled with the relatable storyline of asking for a treat when one succeeds in their profession. We hope viewers will relate to the characters and find motivation to learn new skills and share their “sweet success” with their family and friends.”

As part of the campaign, the company launched two ad films on the above concept. Based on the premise that it is a known fact that if you upskill with Simplilearn’s job guarantee programs, you have a Guaranteed job, the ad films focus on two primary sets of target audiences, those employed and exploring better opportunities; and aspiring candidates who are currently looking to join the workforce and build a career for themselves. Both films showcase the protagonist being asked for a treat after enrolling in the Simplilearn program, as it means they are on track to secure a job, guaranteed.

Commenting on the Simplilearn campaign, Carl Savio, CEO & CCO, Bluebot Digital said, “The campaign is built around a tangible product benefit – guaranteed jobs. While conceptualizing the campaign we stumbled on a cultural insight – In our country, it’s customary to ask for a treat when a friend or family member acquires an asset or moves up in stature. And from there we built a campaign that we know will relate to all demographics.”