SimplivLearning Founder Makes High Quality Online Learning Affordable: Shahanshah Manzoor

Shahanshah Manzoor, Founder and Managing Director of Simpliv LLC., headquartered in Fremont, CA, USA, established it with the aim to provides high quality online learning affordable.

Figure out the typical scenario of education up until now. For all the wonders it has done, let us admit it: traditional, classroom learning is rigid, formal and regimented. If we fail to grasp what our tutor teaches us in the classroom, going back to her for clarification is hardly an option. And, what about the rigidity of our syllabi? What is taught in textbooks takes years to get revised. We have to wait for the examinations to prove what we have ingrained. On top of all these, the fees for learning all these are usually over the roof.

This system is set for a sweeping change. The advent of the online medium has very nearly broken these barriers to education. At the forefront of organizations instrumental in revolutionizing education-as we know it today-is the online learning marketplace, SimplivLearning. Started as recently as 2017, this company has already carved a niche for itself as a platform with a difference. Let us hear more about it from Simpliv Learning Founder and Managing Director, Shahanshah Manzoor:

“Started this company with the intention of being a platform that can help people bridge their skills gap with high value learning at a price that is completely within reach. Online Courses are pitched at every kind of learner, from someone who wants to learn a specific trade to those studying for their doctorate. This being the spread of our market, I wanted to ensure that no course is out of reach of anyone who is willing to learn.”

Founder, Shahanshah Manzoor always considered himself a strong proponent of the philosophy – “Quality Online Education for All

Unique positioning

In line with this philosophy, Simpliv Learning courses are priced from as low as $2.99, something that gives this company a unique position in the eLearning market. Is this the only differentiator between SimplivLearning and its competitors?

Continues Manzoor: “while our extremely competitive pricing is our USP and aligns with our outlook that education is meant for all, that is not our only forte. We offer everything else that other players offer. Firstly, our courses are tuned to the exact needs of the respective industries from which our learners hail. We offer them in two popular formats, namely self-paced and Virtual Classroom Training (VCT).

Further, our tutors are handpicked from the industry, since they are best suited to understand what learners need. Thirdly, our courses are offered on subjects across the board, in both the IT and non-IT sectors. A learner can come to us to learn simply everything of anything, from java to bookkeeping, from yoga to public speaking, and from stress management to entrepreneurship.”

Host of user-friendly features

In addition to all these, SimplivLearning is a complete learning platform that supplements its core features with others like highly reliable 24/7 service and an industry-best 100% moneyback guarantee on its self-paced courses.

With SimplivLearning staying the course with its intention of being a platform that wants to make high quality online learning affordable and destroy every barrier to learning, the stage is set for another disruption in this industry.

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