SIMS Hospital and Happy Mom Healthcare Services organised 4th edition of Clinical updates in Indian breastfeeding practice

New Delhi :  SIMS Hospital, a leading multi-specialty hospital in the city, in association with Happy Mom Health Care Services organized a conference to discuss and update Differential Diagnosis in Breast & Nipple Pain during Lactation as part of the Clinical updates in Indian breastfeeding Practice. The conference congregated around 100 high profile doctors and nursing professionals from across South India. The conference was inaugurated by Tmt. Valarmathi (IAS), the Chief Guest for the event. SIMS Hospital also announced the launch of a dedicated LACTATION MANAGEMENT CLINIC on this occasion, to streamline the lactation services for assisting the antenatal and postnatal mothers.

Speaking at the event Dr. Jayashree Jayakrishnan (Clinical Physiotherapist – Happy Mom Healthcare) said, “Breastfeeding not only saves lives, but also helps improve the health and wellbeing of women & infants. Educational sessions on breastfeeding for healthcare professionals is the need of the hour. Such knowledge transfer programs enable them with the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with the challenges of breastfeeding in different clinical scenarios. The previous conferences were well accepted by the medical fraternity and has been encouraging for us to organize this 4th edition.”

Commenting on the occasion, Dr. E. Padmapriya – Senior Consultant Neonatology, said, “Dedicating to the mothers and mothers-to-be, this educational conference was hugely successful as it presented a comprehensive outlook on breastfeeding and different health conditions and infections which can probably occur”.

Adding to this, Dr. Raju Sivasamy, Vice President, said “We, at SIMS Hospital are elated to have organized one of the most successful conferences which witnessed a presence of around 100 specialized doctors and nursing professionals from all over South India. Breastfeeding and lactation are important topics that has to be touched upon by the doctors and here expert doctors in this speciality came together to emphasise on the clinical updates. We are also very happy to have associated with Happy Mom Healthcare Services for this informative session.”

The Conference presented various case studies and emphasised on the wholesome outlook on major and updated topics like Breast Inflammation, Fungal Infections, Ankyloglossia which grades Impact on Breast & Nipple Pain, Breastfeeding during Pregnancy, Dermatological Conditions, Benign Conditions, Psycho Neuro Aspect in Breast & Nipple Pain and Breastfeeding Cessation. Highly reputed and specialized Doctors from institutions like Madras Medical College, Chennai Breast Centre, Chennai’s women clinic, Madras Medical Mission and a few more institutions addressed different conditions and also spoke about Indian legality to practice as lactation Consultant.