Sinhal Classes “Time and Stress Management Workshop”receives overwhelming response from ICSE Std.7th to Std.9th students & parents

New Delhi: In order to help students manage their time well and overcome stress, Sinhal Classes had organized a “Time and Stress Management workshop” on 3rd September 2017 for ICSE Std.7th to Std.9th students & their parents. The workshop received an overwhelming response. The students & parents appreciated the tips and techniques given on effective time management, importance of preparing a study plan, periodical revisions, paying attention during classroom lectures, understanding the concept and not mugging up, etc. by Sinhals ICSE experts Prof.Pandit and Prof.AnjanaKrishnamoorthy. This one hour interactive session relieved students from their current stress and helped them plan their studies in a better way. The workshop was conducted at all the Sinhals centres.

Sudhanshu Sinhal, Managing Director, Sinhal Classes stated, “High levels of stress or chronic stress, can interfere student’s ability to learn, memorize, and earn good grades — as well as lead to poor physical, emotional and mental health. The objective of this seminar was to make students realise that the better organised and efficient they are, the better they shall feel about the tasks ahead. The better they get at time management, the more they will enjoy studying thus keeping stress at bay. We are happy that Sinhals efforts have been appreciated by parents & students.”