Sinhal Vidyarthi IIT Academy creates history at *JEE-Main 2018* with *Parth Laturia AIR 3 with 350 marks


Mumbai: Sinhal Vidyarthi IIT Academy* creates history at *JEE-Main 2018* with *Parth Laturia AIR 3 with 350 marks* out of 360 and *Sai Kiran AIR 6 (SC Category) with 295 marks*. Amongst girls, Krishna Pande with 232 is the institute’s Girls Topper in Mumbai.

Varad Mane with 275 marks, and Aditya Rindani with 259 marks are some of the other meritorious students.

Speaking on the importance of the exam, Sudhanshu Sinhal, MD, Sinhal Classes said “It is a momentous and joyous ocassion for all students, parents, staff, and teachers at Sinhals. I especially give credit to our entire faculty who have guided all Sinhals students 24/7 for over 2 years. We expect similar great results in IIT JEE Advanced.”

This stellar result is followed up on the back of a similar performance last year.

In JEE Main 2017, Sinhal IIT had the Mumbai FIRST RANKER Anwesh Mohanty with 320 marks. In 2016, the institute produced the Mumbai 1st Ranker in KYPY.


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