Six-hour virtual session on export-import documentation to be held on April 6


Mumbai: A virtual six-hour Management Development Program (MDP) on ‘Export-Import Documentation’ will be held on Tuesday April 6 under the auspices of World Trade Center Mumbai Institute of Education.

This MDP course will provide insights into managing payment defaults/declines, one of the key exim challeges. The international statistics indicate that 70 percent payment is declined due to incorrect documents and hence will find utility value among stakeholders in export-import trade. This course will also be useful for all those who are associated with international trade but work in ancillary sectors like banks, customs, insurance, management cadre, consultancy among others.

Conducted by Eknath Birari, veteran banker and consultant in export-import, this MDP will help participants to understand rules and regulations with procedures in drawing up export-import documents for a smooth trans-shipment of goods and services across borders and thereby reduce ambiguity in documents and decrease disputes between buyers and sellers.

The course will include two sessions – the first session will cover introduction to documents to include types and significance along with case studies, overview of documents through Uniform Customs and practices for Documentary Credits and International Standard Banking Practice, letter of credit, bill of exchange and draft, commercial invoice, etc. The second session will include bill of lading, marine insurance policy, certificate of origin, pre-shipment inspection certificate, certificate of analysis, etc.

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