Six Yards and 365 Days hosts a Handloom Week Zoom Meet

New Delhi: Six Yards and 365 days held a successful zoom event on the occasion of National Handloom Day. Ms Sunita Bidhiraja, Founder and Chairperson, Six Yards and 365 days had organised the event, which went on for three days (7th August to 9th August) and had a different theme every day.

From a very young age, Ms Sunita Budhiraja has been enthusiastic about handlooms, her interest and passion towards it, led her to start a trustee and social media campaign Six yards and 365 days which aimed at improving the morale and living conditions of the handloom weavers of tradition. Through this Ms Budhiraja has connected with a few associations and people who have been helping the division, offering budgetary help, sorting out raw material, purchasing handloom sarees and stocking them at their own expense even though there are very few buyers.

The panel pertained of various Padma Shree and National Award winners. The panel for the first day-7th August- consisted of Ms Malini Awasthi, Mr Shribas Chandra Supakar, Mr Saeed ur Rehman, Ms Belaa Sanghvi, Mr Nishant Malhotra. With Banarasee Saree as the theme, the Zoom event went smoothly. The second day, i.e. 8th August, had Odisha Weaves as the theme and the panel constituted of Ms Navika Kumar, Ms Anupriya Mridha, Ms Purvi Patel, Mr Sanjeev Manglani, Ms Neeta Shetkar, Ms Divyavalli Rajaram.

The third and the last day of the event, i.e. 9th August had artists, entrepreneurs and bureaucrats as panellists. Mr Arun Somani, Dr Alka Raghuvanshi, Mr Paroma Banerjee, Ms Indu Halder, Ms Uttama Das made the panel extremely eminent. The theme for the members was Chanderi Sarees.

The three days of the event saw an extensive discussion on how to protect the ecosystem of handloom sarees. As the centre scrapes the Handloom Board and the Handicraft Board, the discussion became the need of the hour.