Six87 Communications Introduces Funtoosh – The 100 Percent Desi Mobile App for Short Videos

Bangalore: Six87 Communications today announced that it has launched its short videos Mobile App Funtoosh which is 100 % Made In India.

Six87 Communications today announced that it has launched its short videos Mobile App Funtoosh which is 100% Made In India.

Funtoosh is a FREE portable video theater to watch HD quality short videos anytime and anywhere! One can shoot and upload their videos too; to show their talent and become a celebrity overnight! The App is a great platform for youngsters to show their creative skills to the world through HD videos. It’s a platform to Learn, Inspire, Motivate, and Spread Smiles through one another’s Creativity.

“Funtoosh is a small contribution from our company to achieve the goal of Atmanirbhar Bharat as envisioned by our Honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi. We are committed towards it and we are optimistic that the youngsters would love our App,” says the Founder & CEO of Six87 Communications Mr. Ashok Prasad who has over 16 yrs. of IT experience.

Funtoosh is simple to use Mobile App for everyone who loves and enjoys watching short videos for entertainment. Whether they like to sing and dance or they are a movie fanatic or like Comedy or Want to see different lifestyle fashion, relationship, natural, food, pets, and so on. The App has covered in all spheres of their Interests.

Creating an account is not needed to watch videos. However, for uploading videos or for liking or commenting on someone’s video, one must Sign In to his account either through Facebook or Gmail.

To upload videos, the maximum length of the videos can be up to 30 secs. The Videos creator can upload the videos by directly shooting using the App Camera or upload the videos from their local albums. They can record their videos and upload them directly adding their favorite Audio or they can save those videos as Draft and can upload them later whenever they feel to do so.

The profile section shows all the details about the account holder. Here they can find all the videos uploaded by them with the no. of views on each video, the no. of likes, the total no. of followers, following, and videos saved in Draft, etc.

Interested in favorite video creators? The App has covered that too. One can always search their favorite video creator and watch, Like, Share, Download, and Comment on their videos.

One can save their favorite videos on their phone and share them on various social media platforms! User can easily share their happiness with their family and friends!

The App allows the video creators to get their profile Verified. Once a profile is verified, it shows the verified profile with blue verification tick on their profiles which reflect the authenticity of the video creators. A verified profile helps the video creators to get more likes on their videos and gain more no. of followers.

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