Sixty-two teachers both private and govt, from across the State will be felicitated for their “Ideal Teaching Methodologies.”


Hyderabad: Teaching is the only profession that creates all other professions. This one statement is sufficient enough to prove the fact that the role of a teacher in the national building is enormous.

In this light of background, “Tutors Pride,” a city-based online resource for private tutors wanted to pay its tributes to 62 teachers by honoring them on October 2, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi at Hotel Marriott in the city.

Of this 62, forty teachers were chosen from the list of 62 government teachers whom Telangana Government honored recently with ‘noble professionals’ award. We have chosen 20 teachers from the private sector, and varied teaching professions informed Dr. Ankam, Operations Head of Tutors Pride and the man behind the “Ideal Teaching Awards.”

These teachers include: Dr Shobhana, Associate Professor of Political Sciences and Vice-Principal of Sarojini Naidu Vanita Maha Vidyalaya; Dr K Venkateswara Rao, Professor of Nano Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University; Professor CVV Subramanyam, who teaches Jyotisha-Vastu at Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University and T Joseph Christadoss, Lecturer at St Mary’s College, Yousufguda and others.

Some of the twenty private educators picked up for honour include: S. Gopalakrishnan, Chairman,Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan; CBR Prasad, Chief of Sports Academy; Dr. M.S. Farooque, Dean of NIMRA Institute of Medical Sciences; T. Surender Singh, NIS Taekwondo Coach; Krish S. Radhakrishna, Personality Development Trainer; NNSS Mohan Rao of Surya Krishna Tutorials; Jessy Guntupalli, Yoga Teacher etc and others.

Several teachers from Zilla Parishad High Schools from Districts, Physical Education teachers, Teachers of Yoga, Musical Instruments, Medical Education, Physical Fitness, Taekwondo, Dance, Personality Development, Social Service, Soft Skills Trainer and Journalism will also be felicitated.

We have picked up such teachers, coaches, trainers, fitness experts and mentors who have adopted innovative, inspiring methodologies. We are honoring their approach and not them. We want to honor them and bring them on a single platform, Dr. Ankam.

Some of the methodologies we have looked into these selected teachers, Dr. Ankam of Tutors Pride informs are Creative teaching, teaching by using Audio & Visual Tools, teaching through “Real-World” Learning by linking lessons to real-world situations; teaching through brainstorming; Classes outside the classroom by way of field trips; teaching through role plays; Storyboard Teaching; Teaching through recreating certain things; teaching by introducing lessons like a story.

Films are more interesting to be watched, why? You like to watch movies because there is always an interesting story to keep you engaged. Like that, learning sessions become more interesting when you introduce it like a story. If you are creative, even math lessons can be related to interesting stories, observed Dr. Ankam.

These Effective Teaching methodologies hold students’ attention so powerfully they’ll beg the teacher to stay longer in class. We are also in search of more “Effective Teaching” Methods To WOW Students. And we will continue our search by bringing such innovators in teaching on one single platform every year informed Dr. Ankam.

In an era of the Internet, mobile, Whatsapp children and teachers are flooded with information. It also causes a lot of confusion. In this situation, the biggest challenge any teacher faces is capturing the students’ attention, and putting across ideas in such a way that it stays with them long after they have left the classroom. For this to happen, classroom experience should be redefined, and innovative ideas that make teaching methods more effective should be implemented.

So we are trying to crate and develop a platform and community of Teachers who have been implementing Ideal Teaching Methodologies. We want to bring such people on to a single platform and learn and share information and connecting with each other for the common good. They need to collaborate and work. Students are collaborating with each other through social media to learn more about specific subjects, to test out ideas and theories, to learn facts, and to gauge each others’ opinions, so also the teachers. It is an era of the collaborative world in the education says Dr. Ankam of Tutors Pride, the man behind the awards.

Today’s education system requires education innovators who integrate progressive pedagogy with advanced technology to advance learning and better prepare students for the jobs of the future. These awards are our endeavor to recognize and encourage such talented educators committed to increasing students’ productivity and helping students develop the right skills in this competitive world informs Dr. Ankam.