SJTU Teams Won Gold and Silver Medals in iGEM Competition

2020 International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition, a top competition in the field of synthetic biology, concluded on the morning of Nov.23. Due to the epidemic, the competition was held online, which attracted 256 teams from MTI, Tsinghua University, Pecking University, SJTU and other prestigious universities at home and abroad. Among the participants, SJTU-software Team won their second gold medal with project “Riss” after their championship last year, and SJTU-BioX-Shanghai won a silver medal with the project

Riss serves as and analysis and recommended search results. The team intends to find an effective way to increase the world’s rice production by applying synthetic biology.

The team uses methods of synthetic biology to address off-target effects in gene editing technology, the bottleneck of the Nobel Prize-winning CRISPR technology in 2020, and proposes an optimized method to solve this risk from the root.

From 2009 to 2020, SJTU teams that participated in iGEM have won , and several special titles, such as the Asian Championship, the best artificial Biological Module Design, the world’s best 16 teams, and the Best Medical Diagnostic Project Nomination. The two teams participating in the competition this year continued their proficiency and excellency, once again demonstrating the strength of SJTU students.