Skill Enhancing Webinar for Faculty organized by Amity University


In order to meet the challenges arising out of present Covid-19 scenario and to enhance the skill sets of faculty members in Amity University, a series of webinar are being organized during the period of lock down.

The second webinar in the series on “Consulting: Capitalise your Expertise” was conducted by (Prof.) Dr. Gurinder Singh and (Prof.) Dr. Alka Maurya, Professor, International Business, Amity University on increasing the consulting quotient of the faculty members.

The webinar focused on a series of topics including how to offer consulting to Industry on overcoming psychological, emotional and financial restructuring issues; how to develop mindset for doing consulting assignment and making our academic system more industry friendly; how to generate consulting leads and work closely with International organisations in this tough time and how to write research proposals and make the faculty approach practical issues.

A number of examples were also discussed on how to write sector specific reports and how that could further be used to generate consulting. Dr. Guringer Singh also shared his experience of working on various consulting & training projects with Powergrid, GAIL, Maruti, Apollo, ONGC, Samsung, USAID projects, African Union assignments, EU projects and UKERI projects undertaken by Amity teams.

Speakers participating in the webinar gave tips on how one can approach companies and work with them to provide solutions to problems by identifying week areas where industry needs help from academia.

There webinar concluded with an interactive sessions where all the queries were addressed by (Prof.) Dr. Gurinder Singh Dr. Alka Maurya. Dr Atul Chauhan, Chancellor, Amity University stressed that Amity will do everything to help Industry and International organisations and offer them consultation to meet challenges arising out of Covid19. The webinar was attended by a number of participants across entire Amity University.

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