Skill-Lync to build a talent pipeline for Cyient, to support the hiring of 4,000+ Embedded professionals


New Delhi: Committed to equipping Engineers with the technical skill sets and delivering quality education, India’s leading engineering EdTech start-up – Skill-Lync has announced its partnership with Cyient, a leading global engineering, manufacturing, and digital technology solutions company to support them in adding ~500 Embedded professionals trained by Skill-Lync to their workforce by February 2022 and support their ambitous plan to add 4,000 embedded professions over time.

Embedded Systems are critical to industries including aerospace, rail, automotive, medical technology, communication networks and utilise a combination of hardware and software to enable programmable or specified functions. Skill-Lync has invested in and launched a new curriculum on “Embedded Systems Development and Validation” to meet the requirements defined by Cyient, bridging the skill gap and reducing the training costs for the incoming workforce. These students will be required to have the expertise and will be required to have the necessary skills sets to be interviewed. Skill-Lync has witnessed a rise in the demand for embedded professionals across sectors such as Auto, Avionics, and Medical with Corporates showing increasing interest in recruiting Skill-Lync Engineers trained in Embedded skills.

Skill-Lync is now ramping up the pipeline to service the increasing demand for these in the industry. It has hired full-time technical experts with 10+ years of experience and is creating cutting-edge content and increasingly taking up upskilling partnerships across ER&D Sector.

Speaking on the partnership, SuryaNarayanan, CEO, Skill-Lync said, “We at Skill-Lync want our candidates to be industry-ready, hence, we aim at creating programs that will help them become industry-ready. We are customizing the curriculum to meet the learning outcomes that are specially curated as per Cyient requirements, such as the ‘Embedded Systems Development and Validation’ program.”

Skill-Lync has revolutionized engineering education by bridging the skill gap between students and the industry. Followed by curating coursework in partnership with industry experts and ensuring a balance between practical exposure and fundamental theories. It allows students to work on practical projects with the aid of industry-oriented computational software/tools like ANSYS, MathWorks, Converge, GT-Suite, and many more.

Commenting on the partnership, Rajendra Kumar Patro, SVP & Head – Global Delivery Operations, Cyient, said, “While the hiring for growth in other technologies and domains at

Cyient will continue as usual, we have partnered with Skill-Lync to ensure we hire qualified professionals for Embedded and to up-skill Cyient’s new hires as well. Bridging the skill gap in Embedded software at scale is critical across industry sectors at Cyient. We hope this partnership will ensure that we have the required expertise in Embedded to deliver innovative solutions to our global customers.”

Cyient is a global engineering and technology solutions company that engages with customers across their value chain, helping design, build, operate, and maintain the products and services that make them leaders and respected brands in their industries and markets. Customers draw on Cyient’s expertise in engineering, manufacturing, and digital technology to deliver and support their next-generation solutions that meet the highest safety, reliability, and performance standards.