Skills and You Develops Special Module for Early Child Education of Curio – The Kindergarten Curriculum

New Delhi: Skills and You, an educational enterprise, offering teachers’ training, curriculum and content designing, language development and school transformation programs, rewarded the teachers implementing Curio – their kindergarten curriculum. The teachers were rewarded at their early childhood education themed marquee event “Curio Reflection”, held on September 8th, 2018. The event witnessed participation from eminent personalities in the field education, and included discussions on skilling teachers for kindergarten classrooms, assessing developmental milestones in early years, impact of technology on young learners, and language development during early years.
Curio is a comprehensive theme-based kindergarten curriculum, which aims at holistic development of early learners. The program is structured at four levels to ensure all learners in kindergarten experience same themes and learning methodology. It adopts the ‘Inquiry-based learning’ approach which reflects the best practices of key early years’ theorists like Maria Montessori, Reggia Emilia, Piaget and Vygotsky, and promotes creative thinking and development of problem-solving skills in children. Some key features of curio are as follows:

Enhances life skills

Fosters the spirit of enquiry

Encourages reasoning

Develops reading and communication skills

So far, 50 schools nationwide have adopted “Curio”, and the number is expected to cross 200 by next year.

Over 150 school principals and directors from across India attended the event launch. The key speakers included Mr. Ashok Pandey, Head, Ahlcon International School; Mr. Arunabh Singh, Director of Nehru World School; Prof. B L Handoo, Managing Director of Indira Educational Consultancy Services; Mr. Anirudh Gupta a leading entrepreneur, educationist, eminent writer, and CEO of DCM Group of Institutions; Ms. Charu Bajaj, founder and CEO of Skills And You.

Commenting on the event Charu Bajaj, founder, Skills and You said, “Curio is a reflection of our attempt to constantly re-imagine and transform contemporary education through training, curriculum re-design, and meaningful engagement with schools.The Skills and You team will continue to drive innovation through disruptive thinking, and try to create positive impact in the field of education.”

On the event Curio reflections, Nishit Sacher, Co-founder commented: “It was heartening to see the participation of eminences in the field of education at our event. Our initiative of early education will immensely benefit from their range of experience and expertise.”

The company is currently in the process of setting up direct-to-student centers for English training under the brand name “iXpress”. The program intends to train students in the age group of 5 to 14 years in English, and will also include personality development modules.

On this occasion, SAY also launched its teacher training academies by the name of CENRET (Centre of Excellence and Research in Education and Technology) in collaboration with the DCM group of institutions. Mr. Anirudh Gupta CEO of DCM expressed the need of skilling the teachers and how CENRET will work in improving the quality of education by training the teachers.