Skillsoft Expands Compliance Training Solutions


Mumbai, March 15, 2017: Skillsoft, the global leader in eLearning, announced its Skillsoft Compliance Solutions, a collection of courseware which offers a proven, industry-leading solution that makes training, curriculum management, and online reporting of compliance needs flexible, convenient, and cost-effective. As a trusted compliance partner, Skillsoft delivers a multi-modal approach to optimized compliance learning and retention, supporting 475 critical risk topics in 26 languages to address an increasingly global workforce.

Skillsoft offers a catalogue of environmental health and safety (ES&H) and legal compliance courseware to suit organizations in a wide variety of industries. Skillsoft’s compliance courses provide formal solutions for organizations addressing regulatory requirements, as well as informal modules for companies looking to use compliance as a strategic workforce and talent initiative. Through partnerships with certified legal experts and safety professionals, Skillsoft ensures its content remains current with regulatory requirements, allowing organizations to focus firmly on strategic business operations.

“We have invested extensively in engaging content and beautiful technology to ensure Skillsoft is a true and trusted compliance provider to over 1,400 customers,” says Bill Donoghue, chairman and CEO, Skillsoft. “By changing the way organizations think about achieving compliance, it evolves from a checkbox to a key performance initiative and strategic business differentiator.”

Skillport, with the Advanced Compliance Module and Academy, the compliance platform, provides organizations with the right choice that allows for a seamless and integrated learning experience that is accessible via the cloud through a variety of web-enabled and mobile devices. Built upon its 20+ years as a global leader in eLearning, Skillsoft has applied its experience and knowledge of best-in-class learning practices to its compliance solution, resulting in more engaged workforces and safer work environments.
To learn more about Skillsoft’s Compliance Solutions, visit our website.