SKKU: 2021 SKKU-Fellowship Professor

Sungkyunkwan University selected the ‘2021 SKKU-Fellowship’ professors. The list of professors are as follows. D. Normandin Shawn (English Language and Literature), Doo Jin Ryu (Economics), Hoon Seok Choi (Phychology), Donghun Lee (Education), Jae Seong Lee (Biological Sciences), Junsin Yi (Electronic and Electrical Engineering), Jun Yeob Lee (Chemical Engineering), Hyun Suk Jung (Advanced Materials Sciences and Engineering), Sang Won Seo (Medicine), Seung Ho Ryu (Medicine), Yoon Suk Jung (Medicine).

The SKKU-Fellowship system has been awarded by Sungkyunkwan University since 2004, and is a system that grants exceptional research support and honor by selecting the best professor whose level of research ability by academic field has settled on global standards or has high accessibility. The purpose of this study is to improve the research environment, which allows professors with the highest level of research to demonstrate world-class research capabilities more qualitatively than quantitative growth by minimizing lecture obligations.

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