SKKU: 2021 Summer “Global & Together” Graduation Ceremony Ended Successfully

This summer, our university held the online graduation ceremony through our university website and YouTube on August 25 (Wed) due to the the COVID-19 pandemic. At this ceremony, 1,692 bachelor’s degrees, 1,142 master’s degrees, and 261 doctor’s degrees; total 3,097 people received their degrees.

The graduate ceremony included commencement address by the SKKU President, congratulatory speech by the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the President of the Alumni Association, speech by the graduate student representative, congratulatory messages from the SKKU faculty members, current students, alumni from home and abroad, and parents.

In addition, on behalf of the SKKU faculty members, Jung-Geun Shin, the Dean of College of Confucian Studies and Eastern Philosophy, Cheol-Yong Choi, the Dean of College of science and Professor Jared Diamond, the author of “Guns Germs and Steel” and the distinguished professor of SKKU who will teach the course titled, “The Age of Upheaval” starting from the fall semester, sent congratulatory messages.

The current students also sincerely congratulated their seniors on their graduation. Many students, including the 53rd Undergraduate Student Council, Kingo Cheering squad, SKKU wind orchestra, Cheong Lang (Blue Wave), Cheong Geum (Archery), dance club BEST, and Chinese international students, sent congratulatory messages with their great passion. Students in the department of acting for theatre, film, and television performed “Season of Love” in the musical Rent, congratulating the graduates and adding meaning to the ceremony.

Moreover, not only the Busan Alumni Association and the Incheon Alumni Association but also 24 million students the Indonesian and Singapore Alumni Associations, even parents of Chinese and Russian international students delivered welcoming and congratulatory videos.

Although students were not able to have their last memory on campus, they were congratulated by numerous Sungkyun family members from all over the world and they still had an unforgettable and meaningful time.

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