SKKU: 2021 Sungkyun Athletes Night was held

Sungkyunkwan University Sports Council (Chairman Oh Kwang-hyun) held the 2021 Sungkyunkwan Athletes Night event on December 10 at the 600th Anniversary Hall.

The event, which was held with the Sungkyunkwan Sports Scholarship Foundation (Chairman Joo Won-seok), was organized as a moment to thank those who have devoted themselves to the development of Sungkyunkwan Sports over the past year and to celebrate the fruition of the alma mater’s sports team.

Chairman Oh Kwang-hyun and Chairman of the board Joo Won-seok, Chairman of the board Kim Joon-young, President Shin Dong-Ryeol, Vice President of External Affairs Ji Sung-woo, head of sports team Jang Kyung-Ro, and Director of Administrative Office of Sports Team Kim Chang-gap attended the event.

Chairman of the board Kim Joon-young sent a congratulatory speech, saying, “I hope we will achieve greater results and become a sports team that develops further into a global leader.” President Shin Dong-Ryeol thanked the players for their passion and said, “Thanks to baseball team for winning the match and to athletes, including Ko Jin-young for making SKKU proud with good results.”

Chairman Oh Kwang-hyun said, “Thanks to the support of the alma mater and the support of all the members for achieving a great success despite difficult conditions.” Also, Chairman Joo Won-seok said, “We appreciate the various alumni for their participation in the scholarship fundraising through Sungkyunkwan Sports Scholarship and I will do my best to give many benefits to junior players.”

Meanwhile, the Sungkyunkwan Sports Scholarship Foundation delivered a scholarship fund of 50 million KRW for the development of the sports team.