SKKU: About 1,200 students participated in SKKU’s Online Winter International Student Experience (WISE), reaffirms the popular

Sungkyunkwan University (President Dong-Ryeol Shin) announced that 1,242 students from 294 universities and 75 countries participated in this year’s Winter International Student Experience (WISE), reaffirming the global popularity of the Korean language and culture. As the biggest international online program in Korea, the WISE was held from January 10 (Mon) to 29 (Sat).

The WISE was first introduced in 2019 as one of SKKU’s contribution programs to the international community and aims to raise world interest in Hangeul, promote Korean studies, and spread proper awareness of Korea. It offers courses with three levels: 1) Advanced Korean Studies Course for students with intermediate to advanced Korean levels, 2) Basic Korean Studies Course for students who are interested in Korean culture but are not familiar with it. 3) Intensive Korean Language Course for beginners. Despite the time differences, about 1,200 students around the world worked hard to learn about Korea.

Zarbayim Hasanova (Azerbaijan, Baku State University), who won the silver prize at the 5th Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest (Region: Europe) held online in 2021, said, “An in-depth analysis class on Korean philosophy incorporated in familiar cultural contents was very interesting. I am happy to participate in SKKU’s WISE program. Since I only participated in online programs of SKKU, including Sungkyun Korean Writing and WISE, I would love to visit Sungkyunkwan University one day in person.

Additionally, Vladislav Shchipovski (Russia, Moscow State Linguistic University), who won the prize at the same contest, said, “Sungkyunkwan University’s WISE program was a valuable experience that led me to have a new perspective on Korea. In particular, ‘Korean Speaking: Advanced’ class was focused on presentation and discussion, where I made friends from various countries and had an interesting conversation. And thanks to the professor, my speaking skills have improved.”

Dong-Ryeol Shin, president of SKKU, said, “At a time when the world’s interest in Korean culture and language has increased again, it should be guided in a systematic and correct direction. Through the WISE program, we will continue to promote the proper understanding of Korean culture and take the lead in the promotion and spread of Korean studies by collaborating with overseas Korean educational institutions.”

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