SKKU: Announcement of Successful Applicants for the SKKU Law School

On Friday, Dec. 3, Sungkyunkwan University Law School announced the 2022 successful applicants. SKKU Law School selected 120 successful candidates including 111 general admissions and 9 special admissions out of 343 applicants, after going through the document screening and in-depth interview processes.

Unlike previous years, there was an increased number of applicants from foreign prestigious universities such as Oxford University, Yale University, Duke University, Berkeley University, Tsinghua University. Also, a large number of applicants with various professional backgrounds, including patent attorneys, accountants, tax accountants, pharmacists, veterinarians, labor attorneys, teachers and nurses, applied for this year’s admission process, so that the level of successful applicants was raised.

Sungkyunkwan University Law School is recognized as the most exemplary case among major university law schools as selecting excellent talents from 17 out of 37 domestic and foreign university with various experiences and potentials.

The registration period for successful applicants at SKKU Law School is from January 3rd to 4th. In addition, if there is a vacancy, it will be filled with additional successful applicants according to the ranking.