SKKU: Center for Innovation Engineering Education, successfully completed the 2021 Creative Comprehensive Design Competition

On September 10 (Fri), the Center for Innovation Engineering Education held the “2021 Creative Comprehensive Design Competition” online.

In the annual Creative Comprehensive Design Competition, enrolled students from College of Engineering, College of Information and Communication Engineering, and College of Computing and Informatics with comprehensive design works planned, designed and produced by themselves are eligible to participate. Approximately 70 students in 14 teams participated in this competition this year.

This competition was held to enhance the motivation and morale of science and engineering students by offering participating students an opportunity to evaluate and share their works, and attending students an opportunity to see high-quality works in various fields.

At the competition, the director of Center for Innovation Engineering Education, Jun Young Lee, gave the opening remarks and 8 professors (Mi So Kim, Seok Ho Bang, Seung Hyun Baek, Sung Han Sim, Dong Woo Lee, Tae Hyun Lee, Dong Jun Lim, and Deok Su Cho) attended as a judge to evaluated students’ design works.

A total of 14 teams were selected as prize winners; 1 grand prize, 1 gold prize, 1 silver prize, 1 bronze prize, and 10 engineering innovation awards, and a total of 3.9 million KRW in prize money was paid.

The BIM team (Supervisor: Prof. Soon Wook Kwon), which won the grand prize, received favorable reviews from the judges for tis research topic on .

The BIM team (grand prize) and Eye Contact team (gold prize, Supervisor: Hyun Ki Choi) will participate in the “Sungkyunkwan University Leading Center Creative Comprehensive Design Competition” and the “2021 Engineering Festival Creative Comprehensive Design National Competition” this coming November.