SKKU: College of Education’s Sungkyun EduTech Research Institute (SETRI) – UC Santa Barbara’s Media Art and Technology signed MOU

On August 25 (Wed), College of Education (Dean: Jae-Hyun Kim) signed a MOU with Media Art and Technology, UC Santa Barbara (Dean: Rod C. Alfeness) for research cooperation and exchange program for graduate students.

The MOU was derived from the meeting in which Professor Eun Seok Ryu, a Director of SETRI, conducted with UC Santa Barbara on June 2019 and it was signed to specify and expand issues related to mutual cooperation.

So far, SKKU’s College of Education has sent two master’s and two Ph.D. researchers to Professor JoAnn Kuchera-Morin’s AlloSphere Research Group in the UCSB Media Arts and Technology department to conduct research on “implementing a 360-degree video real-time streaming system for large virtual reality venues” between Korea and United States.

Jae Hyun Kim, the dean of College of Education said, “With the MOU, we will further advance and develop the existing research contents, and we will try to cultivate global talents through continuous exchange of research personnel.”