SKKU: Department of Economics BK Project, holds a KAFE-SKKU International Conference on Finance

Professor Doojin Ryu of the Department of Economics BK Project center (Director: Sung Hyun Kim, Dean of College of Economics) will hold a 2021 KAFE-SKKU International Conference on Finance jointly with the Korean Financial Engineering Association at the 600th Anniversary Hall on December 20 (Mon) 2021.

It is the fourth international conference planned after the invitation of the Nobel Prize winner, Robert C. Merton, Asia-Pacific Finance and Economics Forum, and SKKU-ZJU International Conference on Economics and Finance. It has been promoted as part of international cooperation in our university’s Finance education research program since 2018.

Not only renowned overseas scholars but also Editor-in-chief of SSCI journals in the field of Finance will participate in this conference, which will be held on campus.

Professor Jonathan A. Batten (RMIT University), an editor-in-chief of Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money (top 14%journal in the Business/Finance), Professor Rose C. Liao (Rutgers University), an editor-in-chief of Emerging Markets Review (top 16% journal in Emerging Markets Review), Professor Robert I. Webb (University of Virginia), an editor-in-chief of Journal of Futures Markets which is the most prestigious journal in the field of financial derivatives. Professor Joseph K. W. Fung (Hong Kong Baptist University), a renowned scholar in finance in Hong Kong, and Professor Hideatsu Tsukahara (Seijo University), president of the Japanese Academy of Financial Engineering, will present in the conference.

The presentations by various overseas researchers in the field of finance in more than 10 major countries around the world will be presented and for those who present get an opportunity to publish their paper in the Investment Analysts Journal (SSCI) published by Taylor & Francis.