SKKU: Dr. Dong Ho Kang and Myung Soo Kim Appointed Assistant Professor at the GIST and the UNIST

Dr. Kang Dong Ho and Dr. Kim Myung Soo, the graduates of the SKKU’s College of Information and Communication Engineering, were appointed as an associate professor of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST) and Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology(UNIST) for the fall semester 2021, respectively.

In 2014, Dr. Kang, who was in the first semester of M.A. program of Electrical and Computer Engineering at, and Dr. Kim, who was in the third year of the College of Information and Communication Engineering, conducted “A study on photodetector based on 2D material doping technique” under Prof. Jin Hong Park’s guidance. They published the result of the research at the Advanced Functional Materials (Citation: 193, August) as co-first author.

Dr. Kang conducted researches about strain based on 2D materials and Pump-probe spectroscopy as a postdoc researcher in Nanyang Technological University (NTU) after he got a doctoral degree from SKKU in February 2019 with the dissertation titled “Process Technology for 2D Semiconducting Devices”. After appointed to the GIST, he plans to conduct researches about unique optical phenomena caused by various combinations of 2D materials and electrical/photoelectric elements based on 2D materials.

Dr. Kim got his doctoral degree with the dissertation titled, “Memory Effect and RF Switch Applications Based on Two-Dimensional Materials” from University of Texas at Austin in December 2012. He also worked in Micron Technology as a R&D Device Characterization Engineer. After appointed to the UNIST, he plans to conduct various studies on semiconductor elements such as development of logic and memory semiconductor elements using physical properties of various materials including 2D materials, development of neural network elements for neuromorphic, and analysis of high-frequency properties of semiconductors.

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