SKKU: Dr. Sang-Yeon Park from Department of Physics, awarded 2022 POSCO Science Fellowship

Dr. Sang-Yeon Park from the Department of Physics is awarded the 2022 POSCO Science Fellowship organized by the POSCO TJ Park Foundation. Dr. Park graduated from the University of Wisconsin in the U.S. and obtained doctorate in engineering from Oxford University in the U.K., and has been serving postdoctoral research in Professor Seung-Nam Cha’s research lab, ‘Semiconductor Nano Device’ since 2019.

The POSCO Science Fellowship is a core project of the POSCO TJ Park Foundation, which supports young scientists studying basic science in four fields; mathematics, physics, chemistry, and life science, and applied science in three fields; steel, new materials, and energy materials. Those post-docs, who are selected for the POSCO Science Fellowship, will receive 70 million won over two years.

Especially, the POSCO Science Fellowship is very helpful in starting independent research or experiments without sufficient external support for post-docs and newly hired assistant professors at university, and has established its reputation as a “Rookie of the year award in science”.

Dr. Park was selected in the field of new materials and will conduct research with the theme of “Strain-engineered hydrogen evolution reaction based on 2D TMDCs”.

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