SKKU: Dr. Seong-In Hong, Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, appointed as an assistant professor at Gachon University

Dr. Seong-In Hong (Graduate of the combined Master’s & Ph.D. Program), Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and Multi-Functional Nano Bioelectronics Lab, will start his position as an assistant professor of the department of Physics at Gachon University, starting from March 2022.

Dr. Hong, achieved his doctoral degree with his dissertation titled, “Thin film field effect phototransistors” (Advisor: Prof. Sun-Kook Kim) in Feb 2020, and took a Ph.D. course at the University of Texas at Austin. After that, he was appointed as an assistant professor of the department of Physics at Gachon University this year.

Dr. Hong mainly studied the physical properties and particles of a next-generation semiconductor and its applications under his advisor, Prof. Kim. These studies are posted in 28 SCI journals, including Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, ACS Nano, etc. In addition, he worked as a research director in 3 research projects, [National Research Foundation (NRF)] Korea-Canada Global Research Association (GRA), [NRF] Creativity Challenge Research, and [Advanced Materials BK] Global Ph.D. Fellowship (GPF) during his graduate courses.

However, Dr. Hong also experienced hardships. He changed his major from the Department of Electronic Engineering at Kyung Hee University to the Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering at Sungkyunkwan University due to the transfer of the lab. Also, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he could not apply for a foreign Ph.D. course. But, he has turned these challenges into opportunities thanks to the great encouragement and support of his advisor, Prof. Kim. The change of major has become a good base to understand semiconductor research on various views and integrate the knowledge of both majors, which leads to the appointment as an assistant professor of the Department of Physics, Gachon University.

Dr. Hong said, “Thanks to the great academic system of the Department of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering of our university, I could improve my research capabilities.” Also, during the lock-down period due to COVID-19, he kept making an excellent contribution to many researches working as a Ph.D. researcher in the lab of his advisor, Sun-Kook Kim, and waited for the overseas post-doc opportunity.

Dr. Hong is now operating the Overwhelming Nano Electronics Laboratory in Gachon University and aims to study on electronics with overwhelming performance and functions by growing up next-generation semiconductor materials.

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