SKKU: Employment performance of the Department of (Global) Business Administration is skyrocketing even during difficult time

Doors into the job market has narrowed due to a tight job market such as the abolition of open recruitment and the worsening employment environment caused by COVID-19, but the employment performance of graduates of our university’s department of (global) business administration is on the rise. As a result of conducting a “post-graduation current status” on summer graduates in 2021, it was confirmed that the employment rate of graduates was high and they entered various industries. Of the 91 employed, 22 were employed by the four major accounting firms (13 Samgjeong KPMG, 8 Samil PwC, and 1 Deloittee Anjin.

In addition, 24 students were employed by the large companies (SK, Hyundai, Samsung, LG, etc.) and it has been confirmed that they work in core departments such as marketing, strategic planning, human resources, and finance. 5 graduates entered the public enterprises/public services, which is highly preferred, and 14 graduates were hired in major domestic financial sectors such as Mirae Asset, Korea Investment & Securities, and NH Investment & Securities (working at many headquarters, including PF, IPO jobs).

Moreover, 5 were hired in IT/Foreign companies and the result showed the possibility of entering various fields such as Kakao Pay, Kakao Games, and 3M KOREA.

Jong-Eun Lee, the Vice Dean of College of SKK Business School and the Department Chair of Business Administration, said “Even in this tight job market due to COVID-19 pandemic, our graduates have made good efforts with a sense of purpose. The faculty and staff members of our college will continue to work together to provide useful information related to job preparation through .”