SKKU Extension School, Won the Best HRD Award 2020

With the recognition of the excellence of the ‘Kingo Degree-AI’ program, SKKU Extension School won the Best HRD Award, organized by the Korea Human Resources Development Association on November 25 (Wed).

The Kingo Degree-AI program is an expert course developed to enable practitioners who need to utilize AI technology to process data at the level of deep learning and machine learning in the field. This program receives positive reviews from various companies such as Samsung SDS, LG Electronics, and KB Financial Group for its combination of advanced theory and practice according to its learning goals and its process of solving problems in field through carrying out AI projects.

This program was selected as its strength by granting Kingo Degree-AI digital badges to graduates, providing them with continuous self-development opportunities, such as career management and entering related graduate school, and being used to manage the education and development of executives and employees of HRD at companies.

The Best HRD Award is the best award in the field of HRD, which has been given to government agencies, local governments, business, educational institutions, training institutes, and educational experts who have led the development of HRD in Korea since 1995.