SKKU: JEOL Korea, donated cutting-edge analytical equipment to SKKU

JEOL Korea (CEO Changsoon Kim) donated a cutting-edge analytical equipment, high-resolution scanning electron microscope, to SKKU and the donation ceremony was held on November 16 at the president’s office of the Natural Sciences Campus.

President Dong-ryeol Shin, Vice-president Seon-gyu Park, Jae-sun Joo, a director of Cooperative Center for Research Facilities, Changsoon Kim, CEO of JEOL Korea, and Nakazawa, CEO, and Byung-gap Moon, general manager attended the donation ceremony.

JEOL Korea is a company that supplies electronic analytical equipment from Japan Electronics and Oxford Instruments Group of the UK. It donated 100 million KRW to build the Electronic Microscope building and 15 million KRW to the Cooperative Center for Research Facilities as development fund. The cumulative donation is approximately 600 million KRW, including this equipment donation.

Changsoon Kim, CEO of JEOL Korea said, “I hope that it helps Sungkyunkwan University to create global research results through this equipment donation, and we will continue to strive for practical cooperation in which companies and universities can grow together.”

SKKU President Dong-Ryeol Shin thanked by saying, “This donation is more meaningful and valuable because our university just declared a future development plan for VISION 2030. According to the will of the donor, we will make more efforts to improve its world-class research capabilities.”

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