SKKU: Myung Ju Ahn, a professor of Medicine, received a ‘Minister’s Award’ for contribution in the field of cancer treatment

On November 23 (Tue), 2021, Professor Myung Ju Ahn won the Minister’s Award in recognition of her contribution to the field of cancer treatment at the ‘Health and Medical Service Technology Promotion Merit Awards’ hosted by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and Korea Health Industry Development Institute.

Professor Ahn has contributed to the promotion of domestic and international prestige of health and medical technology over the past 20 years through extensive research activities in the field of cancer treatment (especially lung cancer and head and neck cancer). She has also published more than 400 international academic papers, played a leading role in the development of Precision Medicine, and has been recognized for her contribution to improving cancer treatment performance through the development of new treatments.

Professor Ahn said, “I would like to thank professors and officials at Samsung Medical Center and Sungkyunkwan University for helping me receive awards for excellent research. I will continue to make efforts to contribute to the promotion of healthcare technology.”