SKKU-OTTOGI-Samsung Medical Center, Signed an Agreement to Build a Clinical Nutrition Research Institute

SKKU (President Dong-Ryeol Shin), OTTOGI (CEO Young-Jun Ham), and Samsung Medical Center (Chief Oh-Jung Kwan) signed a three-party agreement with the aim of building a Clinical Nutrition Research Institute for the first time in Korea to maintain public health and prevent disease.

Through this agreement, the three organizations plan to closely cooperate in supporting financially for the construction of the Clinical Nutrition Research Institute, sharing medical and clinical information needed for food and clinical research, exchanging manpower for cooperation and training, and supporting facilities and equipment.

In addition, it is expected to provide scientific and correct nutrition information to people through the establishment of the Clinical Nutrition Research Institute, and to demonstrate the scientific excellence of K-Food and the development of globally recognized food products through an academic achievement and fostering talents in the field.

SKKU President Dong-Ryeol Shin said “I am pleased that the industry-university collaboration between best company, hospital, and university are carried out for the common purpose of improving health. We will be able to conduct long-term study on food and train experts of food and clinical nutrition in the future.”

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