SKKU: President’s List Awards Ceremony

On December 15 (Wednesday), the office of Student Affairs held the 「President’s List」 awards at the International Hall of Humanities and Social Sciences Campus.

President Dong Ryeol Shin, Vice-president of HSSC Joon Mo Cho, and President of Graduate School Gi Heon Kwon attended to encourage and congratulate the students.

「President’s List」 of this year was suggested by the colleges and the Student Success Center. A total of 29 students were selected, including 22 undergraduate students and 7 graduate students. Selected students are given the president’s medal and commendation, souvenirs, award record entries, and privileges of community activities and support for the winners.

「President’s List」 is introduced in 2019 to discover talented people who spread a positive influence on others and the community through cultivating a Self-directedness, Creativity, and Spirit of Challenge with 修己治人(su-gyi-chi-in), which means philosophy of self-cultivation through respect for the dignity and governance of people with the purpose of bringing peace to humankind, to seek out the student success stories pursuing the balance of outcomes and processes and to build and expand the SKKU student success model.

Jeongwoo Chae, a student in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, who was selected as「President’s List」, said, “I have experience of studying at a foreign university and seeing the world through exchange program, and thanks to the mentoring system, I was also in a position to hand down knowledge and know-how. Thanks to the professor’s 24/7 office and laboratory, my curiosity became a foundation for research. In the future, I will become a person who can give a positive energy and share the benefits that I had received. I’ll also carry out my responsibility by giving back the love to those who had supported me for the past days.”

The parents of an economic student Jinyoung Yoo, who participated in the awards ceremony said, “I would like to thank the professors of Economics, especially Professor Doojin Ryu who gave this precious award to Jinyoung and has always been a great mentor. I believe that this award will be a huge encouragement for her when she faces difficulties while pursuing her dream.”