SKKU: Produced a Video to Commemorate Retiring SKKU Professors

On August 2021, our university produced an online commemorating video for those 19 retiring SKKU professors in compliance with the guideline of social distancing level 4 due to COVID-19.

Especially, Kwang-Min Park, professor of SKKU Law School, Yang-Hee Lee, professor of Child Psychology and Education, and Jin-Hee Sohn, professor of Medicine (Kangbuk Samsung Hospital) expressed gratitude to fellow professors, students, staffs and families, and also delivered wishes for further development of the university, featuring themselves on the video.

Through this event, SKKU thanked retiring professors for their hard work and cheered them on their new start. It was a meaningful event because not only the retiring professors but also senior leaderships of Student Association attended at this non-contact event, where they could share teacher-student affection.

While having a small lunch with few professors, SKKU president Dong-Ryeol Shin expressed his opinion that he will make another opportunity to meet the them again after the COVID-19 ends since it was unable to celebrate altogether in a one space this year.

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