SKKU: Prof. Koo Ja-Joon (Social Entrepreneurship and Humanistic Future Studies) presents a lecture using metaverse

Koo, Ja-Joon, a professor of Social Entrepreneurship and Humanistic Future Studies drew people’s attention by presenting a lecture called, ‘Social Innovation: Design for Change,’ using metaverse in the Fall Semester of 2021.

The lecture suggests ideas for social innovation in the metaverse platform, ‘Gathertown’. It aims to solve problems that the socially underprivileged face, are facing, or will face within the next 10 years by suggesting ideas using a new technology called exponential technology and leading to sustainable start-ups.

In this lecture, 15 graduate students of different ages (from the 20s to 50s) and backgrounds worked on the project, divided into three teams where they communicated in nicknames instead of their actual names.

(1) Team ‘City Angel’ (Team Member: Lim Yeong Rok, Kang Bo Yeoung, Maeng Cheol, Lee Yun Ha, and Choi Sam Yi): Designs ‘Hongik Butler’ Service, a silver care community based on IoT to help the silver generation’s daily lives as we enter the super-aged society

(2) Team ‘The Next Wet Day’ (Team Member: Byeon Moon Kyeong, Kim Wan Jae, Park Hyeon Chul, You Kyeong, and Lee Dong Kwon): Designs an interactive communication-oriented Metaverse Culture and Arts Concert Service for people in 50s, Holds The Next Wet Day Live (East and West Collaboration Metaverse Music Concert) on Dec 2, 2021

(3) Team ‘5GG’ (Team Member: Choi Moon Yeong, Kim Jun Seong, Kim Heyon Hee, Son Hwoe hwoe, and Lee Soo Jin): Designs and develops 5GG applications that increase the probability of recycling, prevent pollution, and reduce the emission of greenhouse gas through ethical and sustainable clothing consumption projects for humans and environment

The participants were very positive about this new method of lecture and said, “It was an exciting and interesting experience, and it was effective in teamwork. It was fun since the avatar can freely go around the spaces, meet with other avatars, discuss with them, and make jokes to each other. Not only could I feel the similar atmosphere to offline lecture, but also the atmosphere in the class was more free, unlike regular classes.”

Professor Koo Ja-Joon said “Even though Gathertown is based on 2-dimensional space graphics, it contains many diverse situations that occur in the offline lecture room and has a point that it can provide a much higher intensity of immersion to participants and provide virtual team co-work space, 24 hours available, which is nearly impossible to be provided in offline space. However, since it is in its early stage, there are some problems to be resolved. For example, it is hard to use in a mobile environment and to connect with other necessary applications for the lecture such as making a document, brainstorming or prototyping.”

Prof.Koo predicted that the use of metaverse with higher reality will be the core keyword since many lectures and classes have been carried out via online/non-contact channels due to COVID-19, and the need for the physical classroom will increase by copying the actual situation and atmosphere of lecture room for higher class immersion if this trend goes further whereas the need for virtual space will decrease.