SKKU: SKK Business School Publishes Essential VOCA for International Students

SKK Business School published a book, Essential VOCA, to help international students who are having difficulties of understanding technical terms related to their majors.

They extracted 3,707 terms from 8 textbooks for major courses, and translated them into English and Chinese to make a vocabulary book. It was classified as majores; finance, accounting, management information, marketing and management. It was translated and proofread by Korean students who are in M.A./Ph.D. programs, Chinese students who are in M.A. program, and full-time professors at SKK Business School/Graduate School of China.

Hee-Jun Ahn (Dean of SKK Business School) said, “I look forward to seeing students open this vocabulary with the excitement and hope they grow into better global leaders through this essential VOCA.” In addition, SKK Business School will plan a program to enhance the learning ability of non-contact international students by producing continuously available contents.

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