SKKU: SKK Institute of China Studies held the 9th Korea-China Public Diplomacy Forum

The SKK Institute of China (Director Hee-Ok Lee) held the “9th Korea-China Public Diplomacy Forum” at the Westin Chosun Hotel on November 12, 2021 with the public diplomatic academy of Jilin University in China sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Considering COVID-19 pandemic, the forum was held as online conference (simultaneous interpretation between Korea and China).

The SKK Institute of China jointly established the ‘Korea-China Public Diplomacy Research Center’ in 2012 with the public diplomatic academy of Jilin University in China and has held the annual < Korea-China Public Diplomacy Forum> since 2014. Through substantial exchanges, the two organizations have discovered and suggested policy and theoretical alternatives to public diplomacy. In addition, they have emerged as a major platform for public diplomacy research between Korea and China, and are seeking new possibilities for future public diplomacy in the future.

The role of public diplomacy has become critical amid the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time of preparation for the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and China in 2022, the need to diversify public diplomacy subjects and seek new public diplomacy measures for the future is emerging. Additionally, the need to discover momentum to stably convert it increased in a situation where the mutual perception and public opinion of both Korea and China deteriorated due to the impact of the pandemic.

At this forum, Jung-seung Shin (former ambassador of Korea to China) and Ning Fukui (former ambassador of China to Korea), Si-hyung Lee (former OECD ambassador), and other important guests attended to seek new ways for public diplomacy between Korea and China.

The forum is expected to discuss the development of public diplomacy in the post-Corona era while creating a consensus on the vision, prospects, and direction of Korea-China relations based on public diplomacy.

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