SKKU: SKKU Collaborated with Naver to Establish an AI Integrated Platform for Academic Information

□ On August 24 (Tue), Sungkyunkwan University (President Dong-Ryeol Shin) announced that it had signed an agreement with Naver to establish an AI integrated platform for academic information, ‘Scholytics 2.0). The agreement ceremony was held at Myeongnyundang in the metaverse, developed by Naver Z.

□ Sungkyunkwan University, which is establishing its position as a research-oriented university by producing the largest number of educational research teams in BK21 Four, has abundant academic content and is actively conducting research on a system allows to analyze various papers effectively.

□ Naver plans to establish an integrated academic platform for university and research institutions to share academic information based on AI utilizing Sungkyunkwan University’s analytic capability of academic information.

□ Based on this agreement, Sungkyunkwan University and Naver will ▲strengthen the researcher identification functions utilizing AI, ▲support customized recommendations for researchers and automatic creation of research profile for them, and ▲provide research topics and trend information using deep learning.

□ In particular, AI-based researcher identification system is expected to become a key technology for Scholytics 2.0. Recently, academia has emphasized the importance of identifying the authors of the paper and identifying researchers in order to increase the transparency of scientific research. Naver Scholytics 2.0 will be able to identify researchers more efficiently and accurately using AI. In addition, after generating research topic data through machine learning techniques, they will provide services to analyze data by topic. Researchers are expected to gain new academic insights based on the AI’s accurate and efficient analysis on research trends.

□ Sungkyunkwan University President Shin Dong-ryeol said, “As a world-class research-oriented university, Sungkyunkwan University has abundant academic information analysis capabilities. We hope to support advanced academic information analysis tools for more researchers and research institutions around the world using Naver’s AI technology and its platform.

□ Han Sung-sook, CEO of Naver said, “Scholytics, which was developed as a research evaluation solution along with the world’s highest level of Naver’s academic information data, will be reborn as an integration platform for academic information by adding Naver’s AI technology to research capabilities of Sungkyunkwan University.”

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