SKKU: SKKU Holds the International Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest via Metaverse

Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU) announced it held the “First International Sungkyun Korean Writing contest” which to compete Korean language skills on August 11 (Wed).

SKKU has held the Sungkyun Writing Contest in Europe, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia for the past 14 years to promote the excellence of Korean to the world, communicate with people around the world through Korean language, and spread Korea’s unique values.

Due to COVID-19, it has held six regional contests online since last year, with about 800 foreign students living in each region participating. 25 gold, silver, and bronze winners from each regional contest participated in this contest.

To run the contest smoothly, SKKU utilized the metaverse platform, ifland, ZOOM, and SKKU’s online learning platform, eX-campus.

Students from all over the world including China, Japan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Turkey, and Uzbekistan, participated and met on metaverse before the contest. They interacted with each other, danced to BTS music, took pictures in front of Myeongryundang, and wrote an essay on “Balance”.

The awards ceremony was held on August 13 (Fri) via ZOOM. Song Liruiyi, a Chinese student) received the Jangwon (1st place). The judges said, “Liruiyi well-connected dream with ‘balance,’ the topic for the contest.” Song Liruiyi said “Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about the balance between what I want and what the others around me want closer to the graduation. I’m studying international trade, but I want to challenge my dream of becoming a musician.”

In the meantime, Vu Hoai Lan (Vietnamese) and Zhang Yuhao (Chinese) won the Ahwon(2nd place), and Jin Enzhen (Chinese) and Jin Xiangshsu (Chinese) won the Tamhwa (3rd place). The awardees will be given full exemption from entrance fees and tuition fees if they get accepted to SKKU’s M.A. program, and SKKU plans to hold a 2022 visit event in Korea for students who participated in the contest.

President Dong-Ryeol Shin said, “The COVID-19 failed to dampen the enthusiasm of Korean-loving students. Sungkyunkwan University has recently held a Korean writing contest online to meet the passion of these students. We will actively support and put effort to help students who study Korean take a leap toward a bigger dream.”

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