SKKU: SKKU-Korea Military Academy Signed an MOU

On July 9 (Fri), Sungkyunkwan University announces that it has signed an agreement with Korea Military Academy to promote exchanges in the fields of education and research.

The agreement ceremony was held at 11:00 in the first conference room of the 600th Anniversary Hall. From SKKU, President Dong-Ryeol Shin, Executive Vice President/Vice President of Academic Affairs Joon-Mo Cho, Dean of Graduate School Ki-Heon Kwon, Dean of College of Education Jae-Hyun Kim, Vice President of External Affairs Sung-Woo Ji, Director of ROTC Myung-Hee Lee attended the ceremony. From the Korea Military Academy, President Jung-Su Kim, Vice President of Academic Affairs Sung-Hyun Jeon, Director of AI R&D Center Chang-Hee Han, Director of Administration Yong-Chul Kim, Manager of External Affairs Tae-Wan Kim attended the ceremony. Yong-Taek Yoon, a president of Alumni Association graced them with his presence.

The highlights of the agreement are to exchange professors and students/cadets, conduct joint researches and hold joint academic conferences, exchange information such as academic journals and publications, mutually use education and welfare facilities.

Dong-Ryeol Shin, President of SKKU, said, “I am pleased to beable to pursue education and research with Korea Military Academy. I hope that this agreement will further develop both universities to foster talented people and carry out innovative research that will contribute to the development of the country and humanity” in his opening remarks.

Jung-Su Kim, President of Korea Military Academy, said, “I will actively support two universities to work closely and the development of both universities through this agreement.”

Yong-Taek Yoon, President of Alumni Association, said, “It is meaningful that two universities, which have a deep history and produce global leaders, have established exchanges and cooperation in high-tech studies such as AI. You will have our (SKKU’s Alumni Association) full support” in his commemorating speech.

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