SKKU: SKKU-Kyungshin Holdings signed an agreement on industry-university collaboration

Sungkyunkwan University (President Dong-Reyol Shin)and Kyungshin Holdings (CEO Hyunyoung Lee) signed a collaboration agreement onNovember 23 (Tue) at the Natural Science Campus of SKKU to develop new fullerenematerials and apply the next-generation eco-friendly energy storage system. KyungshinHoldings plans to provide 600 million KRW in research funds for three years.

SungjuLee, vice-dean of SKKU’s SAINT, Professor Il Jeon, Kwangsu Kim, chairman ofKyunshin holdings, Hanyoung Lee, CEO of Kyungshin Holdings, and Hyunpil Kim, CEOof Segwang attended the agreement ceremony.

Throughthis agreement, SKKU and Kyunshin Holdings plan to contribute to the developmentbasic science and technology in Korea and the development of science and technologytalents by developing ▲ fullerene refining technology and new fullerene derivatives,▲ application of eco-friendly energy storage systems (ESSs) such as batterysolar cells, and ▲ joint development and securing intellectual property rights.

Hyunyoung Lee, CEO of KyungshinHoldings, said “I hope that our industry-university collaboration be an exemplarycase by achieving excellent research performances in the fields of advancedmaterials and energy-based studies through this agreement.”

IlJeon, a professor of SAINT, said “We are pleased to have the opportunity tosecure the original carbon material technology which became visible due toexport regulations and the recent incident of materials, parts, and equipment,and preoccupy innovative fullerene-based technology through various deviceapplications.”

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