SKKU: SKKU Law School, ranked second in Korea with the appointment of 10 judicial officers

SKKU Law School is pleased to announce that it ranked second among law schools in Korea and first among private universities in Korea by producing 10 judicial officers.

In 2017, SKKU Law School topped the list with 6 students passing the appointment process, and placed second in 2020 with 7 successful candidates, and maintained its place this year.

This year, it recorded the highest number of successful applicants ever and the number of judicial officers graduated from SKKU Law School is expected to be a total of 32.

In 2021, the numbers of law school graduates appointed as judicial officer are 16 from Seoul National University, 10 from Sungkyunkwan University, 7 each from Yeonsei University and Ewha Womans University and 6 each from Korea University, Pusan National University, and Hanyang National University.

Kim, Il Hwan, the dean of SKKU Law School said, “We plan to solidify its status as a prestigious law school that has accumulated over the past decade and support their career development of students and alumni of our university, so that they can get into the career path they want.”

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