SKKU: SKKU, No. 1 Private University in NCSI for 15 Consecutive Years

Sungkyunkwan University has topped the National Customer Satisfaction (NSCI) private university category for 15 consecutive years. On December 7 (Tue), SKKU received a certificate and a plaque at the award ceremony held at Lotte Hotel.

According to a survey of 4,070 students from 15 major private universities nationwide, Sungkyunkwan University ranked first for 15 consecutive years with a total of 79 points.

It is a result of putting efforts on fostering convergence global talents by operating tailored programs that suit the education trend for students. Since last year, Sungkyunkwan University introduced innovative programs such as establishment of Challenge Semester and Student Success Center, declaration of the VISION 2030, operation of online live talk show “Encyclopedia for Useful Scholar’s Path” and ‘SKKU Myeongnyun Forum”.

Additionally, the Sungkyun Korean Writing Contest using AI-based platform and Metaverse, the 2-weeks of online job fair, including video consultation, and the AIxBookathon Competition were held. Through the above programs, it presented the excellence of Hangeul and correct Korean learning directions for international students living in Korea and abroad even in the COVID-19 situation. It also provided various opportunities for students to enter society and seek careers after graduation by actively developing new programs to resolve employment difficulties.

Sungkyunkwan University held its first AI strategy declaration ceremony in 2019 to predict and prepare for changes in education and industry that will occur in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, and has been generating remarkable research results, including the Ministry of Science and ICT’s selection of an “AI Graduate School” project and the establishment of convergence research center in the field of bio. In the past 10 years, five or more professors Dae-sik Kim, Keun-pil Park, Nam-gyu Park, Myung-ju Ahn, Young-Hee Lee have been selected as Highly Cited Researcher (HCR) with the world’s top 1% citation.