SKKU: SKKU signed an MOU with Woongjin Think Big to share knowledge via Udemy

Sungkyunkwan University (President Dong Ryeol Shin) announces that it has signed an MOU with Woongjin Think Big (CEO Jae Jin Lee) and plans to share knowledge by using a global learning platform, Udemy. The agreement ceremony was held at Humanities and Social Sciences Campus, SKKU on October 5 (Tue).

Udemy is a global online learning platform that allows 44 million learners and 65,000 instructors with various majors and backgrounds to freely share their knowledge, and Woongjin Think Big secures the Udemy’s exclusive business rights in Korea.

Based on this agreement, two institutions will carry out cooperation in various fields such as cooperation for the development and supply of digital education contents, mutual sharing of information and materials for educational purposes, and manpower and technology exchanges. In addition, 600 enrolled SKKU students will take excellent courses at Udemy annually through this agreement.

Sungkyunkwan University will open courses titled, “Basic Machine Learning to Understand AI part 1 & 2” and “Deep Learning Tutorial to Master AI part 1 & 2” in October. These courses will be conducted for corporate employees such as Samsung and LG and taught by Professor Ji Hyung Lee and Jong Wook Lee of Department of Artificial Intelligence.

Additionally, two institutions plan to develop AI contents and a wide range of convergence courses by utilizing SKKU’s high AI capabilities. Moreover, learners who need in-depth learning can take additional practice and projects offered by the SKKU Extension School (SKKUx) to acquire Kingo Degree AI, a micro degree of Sungkyunkwan University.

Dong Ryeol Shin, the president of Sungkyunkwan University said, “It is a great opportunity to share excellent lectures at Sungkyunkwan University using the Udemy platform that has expanded to 180 countries. It is expected that the two institutions will cooperate with each other for the development and supply of educational contents in the future and cultivate talented people.”

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