SKKU: Start-up Support Center Held the Jongno Cluster Start-up Competition

The Start-up Support Center held an online Jongno Cluster Start-up Competition on July 22 (Thu).

The competition was designed to discover various creative convergence ideas that could revive and develop the characteristics of local culture in Jongno district, and was given three weeks of expert mentoring to supplement items to successful applicants of first round.

At the competition, a total of 5 teams received awards and prize money.

Seung-ah Han, who is a CEO of Billige and the SKKU alumna, won the participation award. She said, “At the time of receiving mentoring, getting feedback on how to plan a brand and operate services was really helpful, and through the review of the finals, I realized which direction I should move forward. This competition gave us an opportunity to strengthen our business.

Additionally, the participants had time to interact with each other online. The Start-up Support Center plans to host another event to discuss the commercialization of items for participants, including award-winning teams.