SKKU: Successfully Completed the Home IoT Project Training

The “Home IoT Project Training for Students in Humanities and Social Sciences” was held from August 3 (Tue) to 6 (Fri). This training was hosted by LINC+ Project Group and sponsored by the AI.IoT Education Support Center of College of Information and Communication Engineering. It was the first training for students in humanities and social sciences for this year and 20 current students participated.

This training was held online due to COVID-19, and conducted training on artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things through IoT sensors, cloud, and Android apps. In addition, they had a mentoring session where students proposing ideas under the theme of Home IoT and engineers giving advice to students.

Moreover, the training kits were given to students to overcome the limitations of online education. With these kits, students were able to implement a variety of interesting ideas such as IoT Door Lock, peripheral objects and oral pronunciation detectors for hearing-impaired people, smart doorbells, and smart irrigation systems. In facts, participated mentor engineers praised the students for their various and ingenious projects.

A mentor, Sang-Eun Oh (CEO of Drone Hakgyo), said “Although students’ majors are not really related to IoT technology, they have the advantage of being able to come up with solutions from diverse and ingenious perspectives rather than science and engineering’s view which approaches problems with technical aspects. In addition, it was a good opportunity to develop the ability to think about technical aspects by getting IoT technology training.”

Students who participated in this training said, “Through this training, we gained a lot of interest in IoT technology. Especially, by creating IoT systems based on our own new ideas, we felt more familiar with the world of engineering.”

Professor Yong-Suk Kim (Director of AI.IoT Education Support Center), who organized this course, said “In order to live in the Fourth Industrial Era, it is essential for humanities and social sciences students to increase their closeness to various technologies. In connection with LINC+ Project, we plan to organize more programs that students majoring in humanities and social sciences can improve their capabilities for leading technologies for the future society.